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Ordinary Lifee

Client : Ordinary Lifee
Category : Brand design, Graphic design, Photography
Design : Kwangmyung Lim, Hyeonmo Kim
Photography : Euisung Hwang
Location : Seoul, South Korea

1. Objective
Ordinary Lifee is a dessert cafe located in Songdo, Incheon. In this project, we aimed to build a new logo and brand identity system.

2. Approach
We wanted to express the space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in your normal daily life. And in 'Ordinary Lifee', we approached the spare time of a cup of coffee with the concept of time and record.

3. Solution
‘Ordinary Time’ means the space and time of Ordinary Lifee. Ordinary Lifee provides time to comfortably record and experience various moments and experiences in daily life in our space. The Ordinary Lifee logo was designed with a functional and rational logo type that removed unnecessary decorative elements, and the Trademark symbol was expanded to ‘TIME’ to emphasize the unique time of Ordinary Lifee.
The slogan was also designated as ‘13th, Ordinary Lifee Time’, which is the same as the design concept, to actively convey the message to give leisure and comfort in the Ordinary Lifee.