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Hour Minute Seconds pays attention to and thinks about everything in reality every moment, and implements the results of the image and atmosphere that the market wants based on our senses, knowledge, experience, association, and judgment.

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Client : WhoWantsToChill™
Category : Brand design, Graphic design
Design : Kwangmyung Lim
Photography : Lee Sangmin Studio
Location : Seoul, South Korea

1. Objective
WhoWantsToChill™ is a new fashion brand that pursues street normcore style. In this project, we aimed to build a new logo and brand identity system.  

2. Approach
What ‘WhoWantsToChill™’ was aiming for was 'Chill'. The word 'Chill' was used with various meanings such as calm, supreme, free. Among the various meanings, the freedom felt in the atmosphere of 'Chill' was set as the brand concept in 'WhoWantsToChill™', and we approached it in the direction of visually expressing a formal and free atmosphere.

3. Solution
'WhoWantsToChill™' uses a type visual that uses wide spacing to express the minimal and free atmosphere of the Chill mood. These visuals are consistently applied to the typography system at the point of communication with consumers to build a brand image that can feel the unique Chill of 'WhoWantsToChill™'.