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Torim Porcelain

Client : Torim Porcelain
Category : Brand design, Product Package design
Design : Kwangmyung Lim
Location : Seoul, South Korea

1. Objective
Torim Porcelain is a Ceramic Studio in Korea that makes tea.
Torim Porcelain focuses on the line. They insist on the thinnest pottery and beautiful curves. They values tea time and makes pottery for people who drink tea entirely.

2. Approach
The brand concept of Torim Porcelain is inspired by the slogan 'Where your tea stays' and is reminiscent of the accumulation of time and experience in the moment of drinking tea using lines and face.

3. Solution
The brand application design of Torim Porcelain unfolded its sensual sense in a simple and calm mood delivered to clients. Key visuals using Line types are actively utilized, and a layout centered on line types systems can be applied consistently online and offline in communication contact point to impressively convey the brand image of Torim Porcelain.